Project Brief - Project S

FILL IN THE RESEARCH SECTIONS in the menu above, we want your responses to your Fairy Glen installations and your Fort William stories, as well as the Artist research.

You can use the following images to create your group layout plan. The top boundary wall and several of the buildings and enclosures can be seen.


Click on images to go to Flickr where you can download the original size files. Once in Flickr click on the "all sizes" button directly above the image, choose "original", and then click on "download the original size" to download.


After the site visit to the Trotternish area of Skye, and the survey of the abandoned Greaulin village, Year 2 students will have now created individual designs for art installations in the ruined houses of Greaulin.

This is Interior Design at its most abstract: taking a site, being aware of its context, responding to its history, location, former usage, and current state, and then creating a design that responds to these things and will influence how people use and respond to this site.

The designs have been evolved within groups, the groups are:
Group 1 - Tom, Alex, Mikey, Ashleigh, Shelley, Rachel, Lara
Group 2 - Craig, Graeme, Siobhan, Jennifer M, Bi Bo, Lynn, Lu
Group 3 - Lauren, Jennifer N, Q, Olga, Simon, Laura, Yifan

(please add names, re-arrange, or correct spelling of above as necessary)

Each group has chosen a group materials list (approx 5-7 materials), thought about the themes and ideas they want to develop, and discussed their designs with each other daily to provide critical and practical support to each other. The house surveyed by each group has been used as the basis for their designs.


Use the sign up sheet on the wall to get a time for a 5min individual tutorial about your proposal on Friday morning.

Please consider that a theoretical/nominal budget of 1 thousand pounds per each individual's design has been allocated, but less is more. We anticipate that next year some of these designs will get built; well planned, minimal, and economical designs are more likely to be chosen.

The designs should be suitable to the terrain both in terms of robustness and for transport to the village. Look again at what you have proposed and make suitable adjustments if necessary.

The designs should be able to be left for 3 months in the village with minimal intervention or supervision. No part of the existing village should have to be destroyed to create the designs.

On Friday 30th at 2pm final designs should be presented by each group. There is a maximum of one A3 board per individual design to include: visualisation of the design in situ; indicative plan; brief text explanation of the viewer's experience; and any additional content needed to explain the design. This presentation board must be able to convey the design without verbal backup. However we would like 2 people from each group to talk us through all the group's designs (2 different people from last time).

Each group should also produce two A3 boards with: an indicative plan that shows the location of each design within the village (use the links to the maps at the top of this page as a start); the self generated group 'brief' including images and text; and group materials.

Illustrator should be used for the layout of the presentation boards, and a PDF version will need to be generated from that once the boards are completed.

Vicki and Digger will be able to help and advise on Illustrator use, just ask.

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