Star Axis


Charles Ross is a 64 year old American who manipulates light into a form of art. His work manifests experiences of primal solar colour and star geometry in sculptural form using sunlight and starlight as its source, creating experiences of primal solar color, and star geometry in sculptural form.

Art work facts:

Star Axis is a naked eye observatory situated in New Mexico, America. Its concrete structure is designed to illustrate the 26,000 year precession of the Earth on its axis as represented by the location and path of Polaris, the Pole star, through different eras. Other portions of the structure illustrate the movement of stars in an hour and the position of the sun at the equinox and solstices. It is still currently under construction, but near completion.

Personal response:

The Star Axis is situated in the New Mexico desert, therefore a very remote area. What I like about this building is the fact that it has been designed to blend in with the deserts surroundings and it articulates this very well. The building itself has been built from local brick in a pyramid shape, which helps emphasise the philosophy and purpose that the building serves. I believe that this design also creates an understanding and a relation between itself and the vast surroundings. Due to the buildings location and design it is obvious that the building serves some kind of astronomy purpose, mainly due to its simiarities with the Egyptian pyramids.

Additional Information:

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