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Group 1:

Rachel, Ashleigh, Lara, Tom, Mikey, Alex

Within our group we decided to tuck the cloth into gaps on the inside and outside of one of the walls of the abandoned houses, creating a kind of bubble/cushiony effect.

Group 2:

Craig, Jen, Graham, Lu Xiahua, Siobhan, Bibo

Our group began by stretching the fabric in a long continuous line, we then stood atop a wall on the house holding the fabric above our heads so it flapped in the wind. We also wrapped ourselves in the fabric starting with one and wrapping each person in turn. After un-wrapping ourselves we stretched the fabric out between us in a straight line, developing this further by stepping into a zig-zage formation. We also played a game of tug-of-war with the fabric ending in some members of the group a little closer to cow faeces than desired!

Group 3:

Simon, Jen, Q, Yifan, Olga

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