Enchanted Pathway


Our group consisted of Rachel, Ashleigh and Lara. Our aim was to create a course around the Fairy Glen which would walk the viewers past each individual installation, but also around the site.


The route was made up of cat eyes, small reflective studs which you push into the ground. We placed these at slightly irregular intervals around the Fairy Glen, using them to guide the visitors. This took them through the trees, over hills and around steep bends among other things. They were also used to highlight each installation which the other groups had created.


By using only head lamps, it helped add to the atmosphere created, and many of the folk tales still told today about the supposed faries.


After much deliberation(and maybe a bit of revenge in mind) we came up with an admittedly,slightly difficult, but interesting course which showed many aspects of the Fairy Glen. By placing the cat eyes in the form of a path we were able to guide the visitors through the glen.


We feel it worked well, not many complaints, only suggestions to some improvements that could have been made had we being doing it again!


The idea of creating stone clad tunnels, built on an angle and placed at irregular intervals around the site was discussed. The idea behind the angular tunnel was that it would force the visitors to lean to the side, or crawl at certain parts in an aid to make the site more interesting.

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