Fort William 1

Volkswaggen Polo was journeying through Scotland when he happened upon a town called Willimina. Willimina was a town made of water. She was a town dominated by her surroundings. Picturesque, snow-capped mountains, a calm glistening loch and busy paths with streams of travellers, passing through, entirely focused on their destination.

The towns waters offer windows to the beauty beyond the surface whilst reflecting the total disregard felt by the passers by.

But, for the static few, each traveller is nothing more than a fleeting moment, the next revenue, keeping their water-clogged town afloat.

By Siobhan, Olga and Ashleigh (much better than Simon and Rachels!)

Group: Siobhan, Olga, Ashleigh, Jennifer M, Graeme, Q

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