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Born on the 9th February 1948, Gerry loose trained in conservation and ecology. Over the years he has worked in agriculture, designing gardens as well as writing poetry. He was the Poet-in-Residence at Glasgow's Botanic Gardens in the 1990's and, amongst other things he has worked on the Hidden Garden project in Glasgow.

Art work facts:

The Hidden Garden was built on a derelict industrial site on Glasgow’s south side, behind the Tramway Theatre. It opened in June 2003. Gerry Loose created the Sunlight Become Speech installation for the garden - carved stone set in a concrete wall.

Personal response:

The garden was designed to include the chimney and factory floor that was already on the site and by doing so it gives a link with the past while taking it forward to the future. It has been developed with the local people very much in mind. The surrounding area is home to people from many cultural backgrounds that are encouraged to visit and become a part of the various events that take place there. There are festivals of dance and music to celebrate the different cultures and flower jewellery-making workshops among other events throughout the year.
The garden itself celebrates the landscape and has been turned into a “tranquil and inspirational haven”. It re-introduced native plant species, giving people a place to go and enjoy them growing and changing. As well as this, there are land sculptures and installations, poetry and publications.
The website for the Hidden Garden shows pictures of the garden itself and the many cultural events that have taken place there so far. It looks like a very interesting place with lots going on. The installations also look great, the Gerry Loose one I would like to go and see up close as the photograph on the website is a little unclear; I would like to be able to read the carving. I feel that this is a very positive development in Glasgow, and one that I have previously not heard of. I would like to visit, and entry is free – which is always a bonus…..

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