Europos Parkas


Gintarasa Karosas (1968), Lithuania is the founder of Europas Parkas – a outdoor museum located in a forest just outside of Vilinus, Lithuania. The park displays work by over 70 sculptors from 22 different countries, including work by Karosas.

Art work facts:

Each work has a different meaning to each artist as each piece has been donated to the park. Works include a large granite pyramid by Karosas with its corners pointing to the pour directions of a compass. In 1997 sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz added "Space of Unknown Growth"; 22 variously sized boulders spanning an area of over 2,000 sq. ft.

Personal response:

I think Europas Parkas combines both natural beauty and man made. The park allows visitors to enjoy a treasured landscape and at the same time discover a pandoras box of art and sculpture. A rough layout of the park shows large open spaces and concentrated pockets of tree’s and plants and suggests the idea that many of the parks sculptures have been placed in the hope of being happened upon, allowing visitors to discover each object. I also think that the environment these sculptures are set in allows them to be a little more abstract than they maybe would be had they been confined to a traditional gallery; the scale of the park and the tranquil environment, I think, can force visitors to really look at the objects and explore every corner of them. I think the scale of many of the sculptures relates to the scale of the park itself and in doing so could make visitors feel almost out of place as I think the park would have a very surreal atmosphere.

Additional Information:

Each piece of art in the park has been donated as it has been established as a non-profit organization following strict restrictions by the Soviet and the Lithuanian officials.
"The park is an ever evolvig personal work of art, a place where everything exists in unity as a whole entity, where some places are empty and some are full, where the placement of sculpture is sometimes unexpected, where some things are hidden, where there are ofter surprises and where the happniess of discovery is paramount." - Karosas.

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