Group 2 Proposal

Group Proposal Overview:

"Blessings be with ye, both now and aye,
Dear creatures!
Yours is the love that no gold can buy!
Nor time wither
Peace be with thee and thy children, O Skye!
Dearest of islands"

Extract from the poem "Skye" by Alexander Nicolson

Each of us researched a different subject relating to the island to begin our thought process for our design; geology, images, industry and poetry.
The above quote was our starting point. We wanted to use a common feature within all of our structures, as a group; something that would not deteriorate over time or "wither". This common feature is to represent the heart of Skye and the heart of the home.

From the images gathered we picked out Kilt Rock with its strong horizontal lines, like columns. It was decided that a column was to provide a link through each of our designs and although the scale could be varied, the material was to remain constant. The column was to represent the heart of Skye but also, the heart of the home. As this project is based on, and within, an old village is seemed appropriate to acknowledge this.

Group Materials:

  • Wood veneer
  • Aluminium wire
  • Willow
  • Hessian
  • Rope
  • Wool

Found Materials

  • Heather
  • Photos
  • Straw for rope

Group Members:

Group Images:

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