Northern Lights


Graeme, Jen and Craig tried to create a piece of work that represented the islands landscape. We focused on incorporating the mountains, land and sea into one single form using folded material and bamboo sticks. The design was lit from underneath.


Our work was situated between the foot of a hill on some flat land by the water at the start of the trail. We decided that this would be the best spot for building our structure which primarily needed a flat surface, but we also decided that being stuated near to the water would benefit our design as the lighting would reflect.


We chose to use bamboo canes and fabric material as they were the most sturdy and reliable materials at hand. Using the fabric also meant that we were able to light our design, this also created an interesting refection across the water.


We sketched our design onto paper and used it as a template for our design, this meant that we were able to work out how our material could be folded and how dramatic it could be. Our next step was to mark out our design with the bamboo sticks we were using, these would support and shape the material we were using so this had to be done very precisely. We then used string to lead the way round the bamboo sticks before following it up with our material. Finally, we cut any unnecessary bamboo away and installed our lights underneath the material.


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Our alternate design was also based on interpreting the islands landscape. We decided that it should be viewed from a much higher position and that by using stone we could create dramatic 'lines' which would cut across the ground in a tektonik style.

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