Thomas Heatherwick, 38, was born on 1st March 1970 in London, and is currently based in the Kings Cross area fo the city. He is an architect, a sculptor, a product designer, and an environmental artist amonst others. He as won many awards for his designs, served on a number of judging and advisory panels and in 2007 was awarded with an Honorary Degree of Doctor od Arts by Manchester Metropolitan University.

Art work facts:

Sitooterie (named from the Scottish term to 'sit oot') is a cube structure punctured with over 5,000 long, thin, rod-like windows protruding from every surface. It was commisioned by the National Malus Collection to be situated on their Essex site, Barnard's Farm. The cube, which measures 2.4 x 2.4m, is raised from the ground on the rods and due to the position of the windows (each window points exactly at the centre of the cube) it only takes one source of light from the interior to light each rod. The windows are 18 x 18mm hollow aluminium tubes glazed at the end with orange acrylic. The interesting aspect of this structure is that there are no bolts or welding, the cube and the rods are simply glued together.

Personal response:

I like the concept of this piece, it provides an interesting space for people to sit in. The rods that act as lights attract attention to the piece and make it stand out. It seems however to be a design that would either be loved or loathed. It is quite a harsh addition to the landscape and seems to look quite alien in comparison to its surroundings. If this is what was intended then it is quite successful! My favourite part of the design is the idea behind the rods. I is an inventive and creative way to light the space without the use of obvious electrical fixtures. Without experiencing ‘Sitooterie’ for myself I feel I cannot gain a real opinion. The photographs I found do not do justice to it in it’s environment however I think it would be very different to physically interact with it.

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