We were trying to create a piece of work which blended into the environment by using soft and natural materials and chosing an appropriate location at the bottom of the hill.


Our work was positioned on a hill side. At the back it was connected to the ground on the sloping hill with all four pieces of fabric coming from the same point. The fabric was then draped over the tree branches and interconnected into more regular geometric shapes creating two symmetrical rhombi. To keep the fabric from blowing in the wind each connecting point was weighed down by a hidden stone which was found next to the tree. At the lowest points of the rhombi as well as two other strips of fabric were then connected to the ground in front of the tree with less ridgid lines.


We chose to work with white fabric for its floating qualities and the ability to work well with coloured lights.


We tore 5 metres of the white fabric into approximately 15cm wide strips. We used tent pegs to
root the fabric into the ground. The tied the fabric together at the connecting points and placed stones inside. We positioned three lights, pink and yellow at the left hand side so the colours gradually blended together and the white light was hidden behind the tree directed towards the starting point of the installation.


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Our proposal was to build a narrow bridge (for fairies) connecting two peaks of neighbouring hills. We would use small stones approx. 5x7 cm linked by a metal rod like a beads. There would be a gentle curve dipping down if viewed at front elevation. From above or below it would be a simillar curve. To stop people attempting to walk across the bridge it would be suspended at the points below the cliff.

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